Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mingo's Travels

Last week I introduced you to my favorite two legged friend Mingo:

We thoroughly enjoyed having Mingo come visit us in our neck of the woods. Mingo came to us from Aggie Land, and I was really worried that there might have been some brain cell loss while he was there, so I quickly tried to repair the damage by taking him to class with me:

We're very hopeful we caught the damage before it became permanent.

There are many other great pictures of what we did with Mingo, but for now they're safe and sound in a photo album that will eventually return to Bamps and Bami. After that I'll post those pictures, but I don't want to spoil the surprise for now.

Mingo did let us know that we are obviously his favorite family members, because he pulled out all the clues and let us know what we need to be focusing on:

I don't know how girdle fits in, but who am I to argue with the King of Travels?

We did offer some parting gifts before Mingo left us, since he so graciously revealed our location. This is what he arrived in -

Shameful, huh? It certainly doesn't make me think vacation. So with the help of Hobby Lobby, we got Mingo the hook up:

He now has a comfortable bed of silver sparkles:

And a Hawaiian inspired packaging complete with the appropriate beach footwear:

And yes, I covered up the name just in case any cousins happen to read my blog! Can't reveal where he's flying to next!

The best part of Mingo's new traveling set up is this- I just couldn't let him leave without writing some type of a rhyme!

It says:
Don't be deceived because this box is so small,
inside it holds the best gift of them all!
It's your favorite traveling buddy and he wants to see your town, so make it fun and make it snappy,
Just make it quick or your family won't be happy!
Sending lots of love and smiles your way,
Start packing your bag, we'll see you in May!

It certainly pays to have a certain connection with a someone who can put together the world's best trophies, so we wanted to make sure Mingo would be properly addressed by all:

They can't miss his name tag now!

We loved having Mingo come visit us and I was very sad to see him go (got mad, not sad, that i had to pay $5 in shipping. seriously usps?!?!) We can't wait to see where everyone else takes Mingo, and most importantly,we can stop worrying! We've done our part with Mingo, and as soon as he gets home we can tell everyone where Mingo said we're going! Stay tuned for the big reveal!

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