Sunday, September 21, 2008

gone are the lazy sundays...

today has been a productive day. we had a cook out after church, and had a great time with everyone while also scoring left overs that will last us a few meals. gotta love people giving handouts to the poor married couple!

after church we came home and did the one thing we spend the majority of our time doing, homework. cody's been writing a paper and i've been reading a very boring book. sure does make it hard to stay awake. but i pushed through, finishing all of the chapter summaries, and rewarded my self by finishing a project around the house. as a part of the pre-wedding celebrations, my mom had a white bible ceremony for me in which about 15 ladies who have impacted my life got together and presented me with flowers to form a bouquet that represented their combined 453 years of marriage and the keys to successful marriage. it was a wonderful way to start the wedding celebration, and i've been wanting to preserve the flowers. so today i finally put them into a shadow box.

definitely not the best picture, nor is it the greatest shadow box job either, but it at least saves my memories for me and is a great visual reminder of that day. currently the only ones i really remember are the three ribbons, representing me, cody and God in our marriage, the gerber daisy for joy, and the greenery for growth. my aunt presented me with the greenery, and then spoke of how i was a reminder for her in a dark time that life does continue, and joys come with hardships. you see, i was born 2 weeks after my uncle was killed. it was a very emotional day for all of the women who came, but such beautiful picture of the joys that marriage brings and i am thankful to have the bouquet for memories.

after finishing that project, i went to the mall to return some shoes (yay for $40 for me to spend at dillards!) then to express to get one of those ink tags removed from a skirt i bought a few weeks ago, then to the women's dillards only to be disappointed that they don't have women's fall boots out yet, then i purchased 2 pairs of pants at jcpenney's, and finally finished up at bath and body works because they're room sprays are on sale for $3. and they have their fall scents pumpkin, creamy caramel,spiced cider,autumn apple... i chose sweet cinnamon pumpkin and caramel pumpkin. the sweet cinnamon pumpkin is more of one i will spray all over the house, and the caramel pumpkin will be one i spray in the kitchen to make people think i've been cookin!

ok, well its off to do more homework and to make dinner. hope you have a great week!


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