Wednesday, April 30, 2008

it's your time to shine...

so i know most of my reading crowd out there, and i know that like me, you also probably need money. and you love blogging. who wants to blog and earn money at the same time?!

me! me! me!

so last night as i was blog hopping, i stumbled upon someone's site that said she found a site that pays you to blog to review items. and i said, hey, sounds like a good idea!

so i'm giving it a shot. it's a sight called payperpost. and basically, they pay you per post you blog about (reviewing an item, of course). simple, huh? blogging is the one thing I can allow myself to have some time for. it’s a great stress relief, and, in my previous post, I mentioned wanted to reach the greats heights of the blogging world. gotta start somewhere, right?

i do belive that you get up to $20 for the first blog. niiiiiccccce.

so, if you love blogging, you've got some great reviews to share, and you want to make some easy extra cash, you should definitely give it a try!!

Oh. And p.s. thank you c.c. for teaching me how to make a strike through! aren’t you all so happy I can update my list now?">

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