Monday, April 21, 2008

blog for the week.

if i haven't mentioned it yet, i am currently living in a location with no entertainment. aka no cable or internet. aka no lifelines of hope. the one positive to not having these is that i have too much too do and i don't have them to use as tools of procrastination. hopefully no sources of entertainment will help me to accomplish the following over the next two weeks:
-15 pg. exegisis over daniel (halfway finished)
- 5 pg book review over a book halfway read (due tomorrow.. not good...)
- ?? pg personal theology (no thoughts on this one)
- ot final (do or die. )

plus i do not have one free weekend until the month of june. and then its one month till the wedding. can i get a goo? thanks.

since i am now a bad blogger due to my lack of internet access, let's do a quiz! hum. quiz. wrong word. brain doesn't want to come up with the right word. cody and i are in a great debate over songs to leave the wedding ceremony and a first dance song. i want something fun. (like faster paced/jazzy type) cody just wants it to be good music. so please. feel free to leave us suggestions. no promises that we shall use them, but hopefully your suggestions will help us find "theone[s]"

class is starting. woo. stay tuned. funny stories to come...

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  1. We walked out to "Everlasting Love".... you know..."this will be an everlasting love.....this will be the one I've been waiting for....this will be the first time anyone has loooooovvved me....." Fast and upbeat...perfect wedding song!


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