Tuesday, March 11, 2008

double dipping.

i have been meaning to post all week, eh, i mean since yesterday, and am just now getting to it. so if i would have posted yesterday, this would have been the title and entry:

an easy back oven in my desert.

so last night i let out a lot on the blog. and after i did, naturally i was crying because i'm emotional and as i was whining about being in the desert, and i asked god for a glimmer of hope, not a full on burning bush but a little sign to know he was present.

so i'm getting ready for bed and i have to check the work email before i go to sleep for some crazy reason, and i have an email in there inquiring about my car. i haven't blogged about it, but i'm trying to sale my car. and for the past several weeks, i've been thinking, now abby you know you're car isn't going to sale until you have it fully ready. and i knew that to have it fully ready, i needed to glue this one thing back on. (wow does that sound ghetto.) and so yesterday, and 7:17ish, cody and i sat in my car and glued it on. and while i didn't get the email till 11:45, the email inquiring about my car came at 7:33. less than 15 mins later. isn't our god such a jokester?

but seriously. i did love that all along i knew that he was telling me to fix the car and then he would take care of selling it. it was a nice bit of sweetness in my night, hence the easy bake oven title.

here is a funny thing about the guy who emailed about the car. i emailed him back, and received a reply from him, and it definitely seems like a scam. i'm not going to go into all the details here, but its just weird. its a weird mixture of knowing I followed the Lord, and he replied with an interest in the car, yet I am definitely not supposed to sell the car to whoever that crazy is.

and the next blog for the night...

how 'bout them apples?

so the invitations came in today. yes, i was incredibly excited to see them. and while some with bad eyesight may possibly need a magnifying glass to read them, they are great. however, my enthusiasm about the invitations is hindered by the fact that the ink colors on the invitations and response cards are different colors. and all the more disheartening news, its probably my fault... you see, i thought the company would charge me another $6.50 to print the ink on the r.s.v.p. envelopes mocha (fancy term for brown... use it in reference to weddings folks!) so i cleverly clicked the link to have them just print it in black. i mean, mocha ink on the rsvp card and black ink on the outer envelope.. surely that's not too big of a faux pau, right?

yet it seems in clicking on the box to remove the mocha ink from the outer envelope, i also removed the mocha ink from the actual r.s.v.p card. yes, so in my desire to save $6.50 on evelopes, i have cost myself $300 to reprint the r.s.v.p. cards in the actual mocha ink i want.

yes, this is when matt damon walks up, looks dumbfounded at my gynormous box of r.s.v.p. cards, and says, "how 'bout them apples?" thanks matt, thanks.

so i have owned up to the fact that the company might not be gracious and reprint them for free for me, but ya know, the Lord showed me last night that he has a definite sense of humor. and while i do not agree with mr. better life now's view of "bless me, bless me!!" of the Lord, i do believe he does special things for us. so please. i beg of you. please! if you are a praying person, pray we can get them reprinted free of charge! bless your hearts for helping me out.

ok. thats all i have for tonight. WAIT! i lied. i found this website through a friend - http://www.thepioneerwomancooks.com/ and tonight i'm trying out her apple dumplings.. smell great so far! i'll let you know how they go.

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  1. Hi Abby-

    I found you through Leslie Petree who I met in a weird/cool way. Anyways, I go to UPS Bible Study, though this is just my first semester and I've been sick the last 2 weeks.....

    So enough rambling. Two things really...

    #1. My husband and I just had to sell one of our cars. Garrett heard about the "Loan Arranger" on North 1st. The short version of my story- Kelly Blue Book value was $4000 for excellent condition. The car was far from excellent and yet they gave us $3500. Completely worth it to me. I didn't have the hassle of messing with it. You take it to them, they look at it, offer you a price, if you agree to it, they cut you a check within an hour and you are on your merry way. Just make sure you have your title. Easy as that! They buy cars from people and then sell them at ridiculous interest rates to people who couldn't get a conventional loan......

    #2. I have had Pioneer Womans Apple Dumplings. UGH-MAY-ZING! Hope you enjoyed them. Try her Quesadilla Party - we had one Saturday night. Also, the Pasta Primavera and Lasagna are to die for.....I've been cooking something of her's every night for the last 2 weeks.....

    Sorry for the novel...but I love your blog....


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