Sunday, February 10, 2008

welcome to blogspot.

I did.
I'm finally making the leap to blogspot. I feel more mature already. I don't know why I equate blogspot with maturity. Yet somehow I do.

And I'm going to need Leslie (Hi back!) to go ahead and subscribe to me on bloglines. I mean if I know you're reading, then I'm going to be writing.


Ok. I'm off to dance lessons. And free dinner.

Oh and I feel like I should post a disclaimer. I realize we're not technically "The Neinasts (plural)" yet. But I like couples who blog and keep family up to date on their lives. And as long as I'm stepping up to blogspot for maturity, I might as well make it so that I don't have to make a new one in 146 days.

Yes I know the count down. Do not judge.


  1. YAY!!!! And I looooooove your banner. How'd you do that? And seriously? I'm like LC?! That's like, the biggest compliment you could pay me. Wow...

    You're added.

    Now write! And Cody better be writing from time to time too ;)

  2. I agree. I love your banner! I'm a huge coffee fan. I added your blog to my reader, so I'll check in as often as yall post! Have a blessed day!

  3. welcome to the real world! glad you made the switch! btw - you might consider adding that incription thing for comments - you might get spam comments if not. saw your m & d yesterday and talked quick wedding details outside faststop - the flower girl was jumping up and down in the car and sparkler boy is quite concerned about bringing his own candle to be able to light everyone's sparklers. in other words, we got you covered babe!


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