Sunday, February 24, 2008


thought you might like to see the pretties i, um, we have registered for!!

none of them are too big i realize, but you get the basic gist.
the polka dotted accent plates are my favorite!!

this is all the fiesta ware colors i registered for. you don't have to agree, but i love all of the bright colors together!!!

don't have a lot picked out from the last place yet, so don't think i registered for 5 clocks! cody and i will not have all of that ticking in our house! but don't you love the lamps?!?! they're going to match great with the bedding i want!

see? except it won't have as many pillows to keep it from being too girly for cody. and we'll have lots of red accents.

so there ya go! all of my pretties. I should change all of the "i's" and "my's" to "we's" but i can't even pretend that cody helped pick out these things.

last thing to show off... my china! i don't know how to make the picture bigger so you can see the pattern, but trust me, its gorgeous!!

that's all for tonight! i'm off to get some rest so i can get up early to review for my test. yuck yuck yuck. hope you have a great week!


  1. Love the polka dotted plates and the bedding is beautiful!

  2. I love all your pretties!! And I love that you're from a town where they display your registry like that! I've got to find one of those around here...for the far off future.

  3. "Surprises" in River Oaks Shopping Center does registries like that too. Love adds such a personal touch.

  4. i am so jealous of your multi-colored fiesta plates. i blew it going all red. i'm so glad i found your blog.


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